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New Chapter®
is a small company owned by families and friends, based in Brattleboro, Vermont and our organic estate near the Children's Rain Forest of Costa Rica. Since 1982, our mission, our passionate commitment, has been producing the finest probiotic nutrients and herbal formulations in the world. Our purpose is to create the finest products that are truly natural, made of 100% real food and herbs. New Chapter has never made products with chemical isolates or solvents, and we won't. We culture all our vitamins and minerals, and we always will. They are not synthetic-they are food. We are committed to supporting and protecting the environment, and our Costa Rican farm is a world model for organic sustainable farming in the rain forest.
At New Chapter, we believe Nature got it right the first time. That is, nourishment, protection and health that come
from a whole food complex-- not from the synthetic vitamins, minerals and chemical herbal isolates you’ll find in most
supplements. In fact, we hesitate to even categorize New Chapter products as food supplements. Rather, New Chapter is supplemental food because it is food.

New Chapter Vitamins
Whole Food, Not Chemical Isolates Because it’s food and not chemical isolates, you get the full benefit of nature’s wisdom. This means a whole-food complex of vitamins, minerals and herbs that contain all of the plant’s active, natural biochemistries. We deliver the whole truth in every product we sell and we invite you to discover the New Chapter difference: nourishment and protection from nature’s most beneficial nutrients, just as nature intended.

New Chapter – Only Superior Products
We chose the name New Chapter for our company because we believe every one of our products delivers a ‘new chapter’ in nourishment, protection or health. That’s why you can count on every New Chapter product to be a genuine contribution, an innovation and a breakthrough.
Here are just a few of the ‘new chapters’ we offer:
The first full line of whole-food complex vitamins and minerals certified to be made with organic ingredients.
The first full line of probiotic nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
The first national brand to deliver a wholly natural, herbal and clinically-tested approach to inflammation response.
The first company to utilize a Supercritical Extraction Process for herbal therapeutics that uses no hexane or
solvents, producing a wholeness of herbal extract that was unprecedented at its introduction -- and still rare today.

New Chapter products lead in delivering nature’s purity, efficacy and ingenuity. ‘Me-too’ simply isn’t part of our vocabulary. And when it comes to nutrition, protection and health, we don’t believe it should be part of yours, either.